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Situated in the Kingdom of Fife, Angel Sporrans began life in 2014 specialising in the production of unique, handmade taxidermy sporrans.

Our sporrans are hand made to order and are proudly worn and admired the World over at both formal and casual settings. Whether it's a black tie occasion, a whisky festival, Scottish wedding or rugby match, there's a sporran for every occasion.

Angel Sporrans is passionate about Scotland, it's history and animals, our desire to produce high quality taxidermy sporrans is borne out of our fascination with the evolution of the sporran down the centuries and how, when taxidermy is done well, it preserves the essence of the animal for years to come.

Every sporran is lovingly created by hand in our workshop using skills and techniques learned from taxidermy and leatherwork experts ensuring these traditional craft methods are kept alive. The leather and animal skins used are organic materials and as such have marks and scars that make them unique, giving them a history and a story to tell.

As well as our ready to wear range of sporrans, we are proud to offer clients a bespoke service including a choice of leather, cantle and finish. Due to the methods by which Angel Sporrans acquires birds and animals, your preferred species may not be immediately available. Please contact us for bespoke options.

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