unique hand made traditional scottish sporrans
Situated in the heart of Scotland, Angel Sporrans design and create unique traditional hand made sporrans using a blend of artisan taxidermy techniques and hand crafted leatherwork. Our Scottish highland hand made sporrans are carefully crafted using best quality leather and incorporate a variety of birds, game or other wild Scottish animals.

Due to the wonders of Mother Nature, each Angel Sporran is absolutely unique. Even sporrans made from the same species such as the Ring-neck Pheasant have subtle or sometimes striking differences in the feather patterns or colours; allowing you to select a sporran that works with your own particular tartan or tweed. Contact us about our bespoke sporran making service.

The skins used to fashion our hand made sporrans are all sourced through a combination of road kill, the game and agriculture industry and pest controllers. We work closely with the Guild of Taxidermists and Scottish Natural Heritage to ensure all the appropriate licences are held. Each sporran is lovingly hand crafted using traditional methods, with attention to detail assured, delivered direct to you from Scotland.