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Sporran Making Process
Angel Sporrans use a unique blend of artisan taxidermy techniques and hand crafted leatherwork to create their distinctive traditional sporrans.

Our sporran making process starts with three hides of leather; a stiff hide for the front and back panels, belt loop and closer clasp; a more flexible leather hide for the sporran belt and a thinner hide for the sporran gusset.

Pattern templates are then made up for each piece of the sporran and the pieces then cut out by hand. We dye the edges of each piece of leather and then burnish them with a piece of antler or a bone folder.

Next, the line for the stitching holes is drawn on the front and back sporran panels using a screw crease and then the stitching holes are punched out along the line using a pricking iron and mallet. We use 3 and 4-ply linen thread and a stitching awl to hand stitch the sporran panels together and then punch out the holes for the sporran cantle on the front panel and insert the snaps on the back panel and closer clasp.

A prepared bird, game or animal skin is then fitted to the front of the sporran before the final step of fitting the cantle is complete.

The time it takes to complete a sporran really depends on the skin. Skinning a bird and curing the skin can be done in a day, but a mammal such as a deer or a fox will take up to 2 or 3 weeks due to the tanning process.

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